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How to play

the Monster Hunting?

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Rules and description for Monster Hunting.

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Location-based game

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible when killing monsters.

Several posters featuring monsters have been scattered throughout the game area. Overcome them by uncovering the optimal combination of Witcher moves, with the letters forming words related to The Witcher universe.



How to play?

Search for posters displaying different monsters. A total of 5 monsters are waiting to be found.

How to play?

When encountering a monster, your objective is to swiftly identify the optimal letter sequence that forms words associated with The Witcher universe.

How to play?

When facing a monster, you will encounter different combinations. The lengthier the combination, the greater the number of points you will earn. Utilize your observation skills and witcher instinct to identify the most valuable combinations.

How to play?

Enter the single longest combination you can find in the form provided below. Keep in mind that the form only accepts one correctly spelled word, so be cautious of any typos.

How to play?

Summarize the exhilarating hunting adventure you embarked on while tracking and slaying monsters.

The description of your hunting experience will be considered in case of tie in points. (You can write your story in your native language)