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The Witcher: Old World

Monster Hunting

Step into the role of a Witcher. Explore various locations and vanquish monsters to acquire trophies.

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Location-based game

Join the location-based game 'The Witcher: Old World - Monster Hunt'! Embrace the role of a Witcher, exploring diverse locales to conquer monsters and earn trophies. It's similar to our board game, but the gameplay transitions into the real world this time. It's you who embarks on the hunt for monster tracks and upon discovering them, faces the challenging task of devising the optimal combination of strikes, dodges, and Witcher signs!

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The Witcher: Old World board game

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Track down monsters, defeat them in battle and confirm that you are the most powerful witcher!

The Witcher: Old World board game

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If you want to experience more epic adventures in the Witcher universe, be sure to check out our Witcher: The Old World board game!

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